About KVK Jalaun

KVK Jalaun has been established in the year 2005. It is situated at Ruramallu farm of disctrict Jalaun. The total area is 23.6 ha out of which 19 ha is being used for seed production. KVK Jalaun was under the jurisdiction of Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur upto feb 2017. In March 2017, it was transferred to Banda University Of Agriculture And Technology, Banda along with 05 other KVKs of Bundelkhand region. The Staff position is full since 2017-18, after it came under the jurisdiction of Banda University Of Agriculture And Technology, Banda. The Administrative building is complete and handed over in year 2004. The farmer’s hostel and residence is incomplete till date. After 2018 the work in residence has been started and as of now 05 residence are in position to hand over, the process is going on. One Bolero, one tractor and one motorcycle is available at the centre, they are in very poor condition and liable to be replaced, as work efficiency is being affected. All the mandated activities like OFT, FLD, Training, and extension activities are being performed by the KVK. Soil testing, Seed production, planting material (vegetables) and production of Bio-compost (NADEP and Vermicompost) is going on at KVK, Jalaun. We have mainly taken the technologies which we have tested under OFT and found suitable for the district. The result of the FLDs is being transferred to the line departments through the extension functionaries training and farmers training. Main focus of the training is to increase the skill of farmers.

We are also focusing on rural youth training them on seed production, crop production, Vegetable cropping, orchard training, organic farming, IFS model etc. for empowering the youth to earn more profit from farming so that escaping of rural youth from villages can be minimized.

  1. Skill Development Training:- In light of the above objective with the help of ASCI we have conducted two skill development trainings on Seed production and Mushroom grower in year 2018-19 of 20 participants each. Post training, 4 youth adopted seed production program and enhanced their income. In year 2019-20 we are going to conduct 3 trainings on seed production, Mushroom grower and Vermi-compost producer.
  2. IFS Model:- In 2018-19 IFS model has been established on KVK, Jalaun. Under IFS model cow unit, Goat unit, Poultry unit, Nadep and Vermicompost unit, Fishery pond, Shed net, Low tunnel poly house, plantation of orchard, Fodder unit and Cultivation of crops. The model is running successfully in present time. Instead of revolving fund generation, these units are used to educate the farmers so that they can double their income by 2022. Now, we are approaching to replicate these models on farmers’ field according to their land holding and financial condition.
  3. Seed production:- In 2017-18 Seed Hub project started on KVK, Jalaun. Under this, a seed processing plant has been established on KVK Jalaun costing Rs. 50 Lakh. A revolving fund of Rs. 1 crore is handed over to KVK, which is used for the production of seed on 20 ha KVK farm and on farmers field which is taken back by KVK under buy laws of Banda University Of Agriculture And Technology, Banda. In 2017-18 about 150 q seed of field pea and chick pea has been produced. In 2018-19 about 565q of seed has been produced by KVK Jalaun and that has been sold to the state department of Agriculture and several KVK’s for CFLD. Till date about 38 lakh of revolving fund is being utilized for seed production and about 55 lakhs revenue is generated by sale of the above seed. It has not only generated the revenue of revolving fund but it also improved the seed replacement rate of pulses in Bundelkhand region and some other districts also.
  4. Under non seed hub programme, seed production of Til in 2017-18 and 2018-19 is being taken and sold. In year 2019-20 seed production of Til (13 ha) and Wheat (10 ha) is under progress.
  5. CFLD :- Another important component of the KVK is CFLD on pulses and oilseeds. In pulses, we are conducting CFLD on Mungbean, Chickpea, Lentil and fieldpea. In that, we are introducing different technologies like variety (less than 10 year), Seed treatment, plant protection etc. In the oilseed crop we are covering the crop of Til and Mustard with same technologies. The effect of CFLD in the district is very much clear when we are seeing that varieties of less than 10 years are being adopted by the farmers and the average yield is improved.
  6. FLD:- We are conducting FLDs on crops other than pulses and oilseeds. In which, we are covering mainly cereal crops like maize, Jowar, Wheat, Barley, Horticultural crops, Animal husbandry, Nutrigarden, Fruit preservation etc.
  7. DFI Village:- We have selected two villages namely Harakka and Nainpura as DFI Villages. We have conducted a full survey of both villages. On the basis of problems of villagers, we have chosen thrust areas for work. Now, we are conducting our mandated activities to resolve the problems because there is no separate budget for that.
  8. RKVY:- With the active coordination of our Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr. U.S. Gautam, UP Government has sanctioned Rs. 1 crore under RKVY project for KVK, Jalaun for the construction of boundary wall.

In addition to our mandated activities we are conducting other special programs instructed by ICAR time to time like Sankalp se Siddhi, Pre-rabi campaign, world soil day, world environment day etc. Apart from that we are also conducting different flagship programs like parthenium awareness week, Swacchta pakhwada etc. in which a large number of farmers participate and are being motivated.

Another important work we are doing is to coordinate with line department and active participation in the different programs of line department by which we are propagating the technologies which we have tested. We are trying our hard work for the welfare of the farming community of the district in spite of our limited budget and limited resources available.