Impact of KVK

Impact of KVK on Farming Population

(Questions given bellow may be administered to selected five farmers from the adopted villages and appended with the report.)

Equipments & AV Aids

S.N. Name of Technology Expert of Adoption in % (Approx) Reasons for Format Adoption
1 Name and address of farmers Surya Kant Pathak - VIII Pratappura Block Jalaun Dist. Jalaun
Radhey Shyam Tripathi - VIII Rura Jaitiya Block Jalaun Dist. Jalaun
Shyam Sundar Kushawaha - VIII Akoridubey Block Jaluan Dist. Jalaun
Bharat Gupta - VIII Madari Block Jaluan Dist. Jalaun
Narpal Singh - VIII & Block Kuthound Dist. Jalaun
2 Enterprises being practiced Crop production / Vegetable production / Horticulture and Soil testing and sampling
3 Enlist improved technologies being adopted under different enterprises at S. No. 2 above High Yielding
4 When were these improved technologies received by you, and from where? KVK Scientist
5 Enlist 10 latest technologies which have been received from the KVK in your village and furnish information on the following High yielding / diseases resistant variety (Jowar Bundela, Tomato -Azad, T-6 , Moong - Samrat
Water Conservation
Soil helth and soil ferility management
Fodder Production
Vegetable Production
Planting Distance
Timely sowing
Fruit Plantation
Production of Quality Seedings
6 What should be the approach of KVK for training and better adoption of technologies in light of your experience at S.No.5 30% Lack of Education Poor Financial Status
7 Do you know the activities of KVK? 70%
8 If yes, what are those activities? Training & Demonstration
9 Do you think that roles / activities of KVK need some change? Yes / No No
10 If yes, what are you suggestions ?
11 Any other comments on the KVK No